Orthotics for Everyday

Here, there and everywhere. Our range of casual everyday orthotics bring cushioned support, to help you on your feet and through your day.

Everyday Orthotic

The Everyday Orthotic is perfect if you’re looking for general day-to-day support on your feet. Its versatile comfort design and adaptive flexibility can take you from work, the gym or through your day running errands. This device will provide medium support and ultra-comfort with the option to transition between different types of shoes.

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Active Orthotic

Our Active Orthotic delivers maximum comfort and superior support for all high-impact activities. Handcrafted from 2mm carbon and designed with rigid arch support and maximum cushioning, this device provides excellent shock absorption, motion control and stability.  Supports long periods of intense activity and helps prevent strain and injury. Designed to custom fit into athletic footwear products.

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Men's Dress/Formal Orthotic

From an 8 am meeting to dinner at 8, put your best foot forward in all-day comfort with our innovative Dress Orthotic. Ideal for narrower dress shoes due to the low profile design and slim silhouette, this ultra-light device is less bulky than conventional orthotics and delivers more comfort and stability. Handcrafted from scientifically engineered materials, the light-weight support and all-day comfort ensures excellent cushioning and enhanced sturdiness. Designed to custom fit into our extensive inventory of casual and dress footwear.

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Women's Dress/Formal Orthotic

On the job and on the go? Our lighter-duty devices deliver support, comfort and cushion you can depend on. They’ll go from a demanding workday right through to your favorite athletic pursuit. Stay light, feel free and hit those 10,000 steps in the best way possible.

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