Orthotics for Dress / Formal

Look amazing, feel decidedly incredible. Our custom dress shoe devices are designed so you can feel as good as you look. Made to fit a variety of flat dress shoes, these custom devices deliver comfort and moderate support through the workday and into evening events.

Men's Dress/Formal Orthotic

From an 8 am meeting to dinner at 8, put your best foot forward in all-day comfort with our innovative Dress Orthotic. Ideal for narrower dress shoes due to the low profile design and slim silhouette, this ultra-light device is less bulky than conventional orthotics and delivers more comfort and stability. Handcrafted from scientifically engineered materials, the light-weight support and all-day comfort ensures excellent cushioning and enhanced sturdiness. Designed to custom fit into our extensive inventory of casual and dress footwear.

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Women's Dress/Formal Orthotic

On the job and on the go? Our lighter-duty devices deliver support, comfort and cushion you can depend on. They’ll go from a demanding workday right through to your favorite athletic pursuit. Stay light, feel free and hit those 10,000 steps in the best way possible.

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