Orthotics for Sport

We know the importance of healthy feet in sports performance. And while some say no pain no game - we disagree Whether it's your running stride, pivot, rainbow kick or split step, we got your feet covered. Our range of sport-specific devices are designed to reduce pain so you can get back to the court, fairway, track, trail and every athletic terrain in between.

Select the device that fits your lifestyle and performance needs.

Multi-Sport Orthotic

Our custom multi-sport devices will take you from the gym to a spin class to a 5K run. It delivers solid comfort and moderate support for a wide range of low-impact athletic activities. This is an ideal device for those requiring additional support in an orthotic that still provides some flexibility and shock absorption.

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Multi-Sport MAX Orthotic

The multi-sport MAX device is designed for the highly active and sporty individual. This orthotic provides the maximum level of support and is made with targeted comfort modifications to keep your feet stable for a variety of high-impact movements and activities. This device pairs well with full fitting running, training or walking shoes and is the perfect choice for serious sport enthusiasts.

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Running Orthotic

Go the distance and then some. Our sleek running devices deliver crucial support to the forefoot, without bulking up your shoe. Benefit from better biomechanics, stability and performance - from training stages to race day.

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Golf Orthotic

Feel great down the fairway. Our golf orthotics are custom-designed for better arch support and cushioning in the heel. Better grounding and comfortable support can deliver more power to your swing and helps with player fatigue on the back nine. Get more from the game you love!

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Basketball Orthotic

Great ballers require great footwork. From quick pivots, jab and crossover steps, you need pain-free foot movements to find the basket. Our basketball orthotic provides enhanced shock absorption plus crucial stability. Get comfort for every step, lay-up, and dunk.

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