Tips to Get You Walking, Running, and Moving Again

For many of us, the motivation to exercise evaporated during the lockdowns and other restrictions caused by COVID-19. For others, winter weather is always a sure motivation killer. In many cases, poor orthotic support leads to body pain and dread of exercise.

No matter what stopped you, we have tips to get you started again. If body pain is holding you back, our custom orthotics will always help you move in comfort.

Get Motivated

The first part of getting back into exercising can often be the most difficult - getting motivated. If you hate the idea of exercising, there’s no way you’ll be able to exercise consistently. You have to make sure that your reason for motivation is to stick to, no matter the circumstance. Don’t exercise just for someone else, or because you think it’s what you “should do”!

That said, family and friends’ support is always a great way to get the ball rolling. Try and remember how much fun exercise can be and how good it made you feel.

Also, don’t be afraid to shop for that new pair of shoes or a great pair of runners that can accommodate orthotics. New gear, such as gel-cushioned sneakers or the best neutral running shoes, can be a great way to drive purpose and motivate.

Trying to run with five-year-old sneakers may not just mean lacking the proper support, as old shoes can wear out, but also a symbolic purchase of new sweats, new shoes or new athletic gear can turn a “new page” into a new, fitter you!

The Right Orthotic Support and an Exercise Buddy

Exercise is more fun if you share it. Family and friends can give you the motivation needed, but also provide company while exercising. Bringing along a friend can turn something that seems like a chore or obligation into an opportunity to spend time with someone. Exercise and social interaction are the perfect combinations to break the winter lockdown blues.

Get a Doctor’s Advice

Exercise is an integral part of health, so why not consult a health professional? Your doctor will be able to recommend what exercise is appropriate for you at any given time. They can also advise on diet and orthotic solutions to make sure you don’t overexert yourself.

Going too hard or too fast when returning to exercise can also cause physical injury, forcing you to rest even more. Start slow and build from the ground up again.


Planning can be the most critical part of ramping your amount of exercise back up. Just saying you’ll exercise “when you feel like it” doesn’t help you make it a repeatable activity.

Scheduling out a time to exercise will start to make it a habit. Setting goals to achieve will also help you feel like you’re making progress. Another good tip is to prepare early. If you prep your gym bag the night before, or your running clothes are laid out, you’ll be less likely to waffle while prepping.

Getting the right exercise equipment also helps quite a bit. Ensure that you get shoes that fit and give proper support - browse orthotic shoes for men or women’s orthotic shoes to make sure you get something for your build.

Comfortable clothes, easy-to-carry music players, and lightweight water bottles all make the experience more enjoyable.

Get the Best Walking Shoes for Orthotics, then Start Slow.

This part bears repeating. Once you have everything ready, it’s time to start exercising! Your best chance to have a good exercising experience is to start slow and work your way up.

First, look for easy exercises and stretches you can do around your house. Next, try taking walks to stretch your legs. If you had to stop exercising due to pain, make sure to look into the best walking shoes for orthotics to keep you comfortable.

From walking, you can work your way up to light jogs. Just as you should change your exercise patterns slowly, make sure to be gradual in changes to a healthier diet.

If you have any questions, ask your doctor. Even if you feel confident in your progress, make sure to give yourself adequate rest days. When it comes to exercising, downtime can be just as crucial as running time!

Get the Best Running Shoes for Orthotics

One of the tips we believe is most important is, of course, proper foot support. You need to make sure you have the best running shoes to protect yourself from leg and body pain.

At Orthotics Direct, we have a wide selection of women’s orthotic shoes and orthotic shoes for men. Check out our shop for the best shoes to help get you back up and active. 

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