Seeking Orthotic Balance with New Balance

Seeking Orthotic Balance with New Balance

New Balance has become the show known for support and stability worldwide. They’ve produced some of the most dependable and sought-after shoes, and for a good reason.

With that said, New Balance shoes work well as orthotic shoes for men and women are consistently rated as being some of the comfortable shoes for men and women. I

If you have foot troubles, keep New Balance as a top sneaker choice since they offer a natural comfort level and compatibility with orthotics.

We’ll take a look at the origins of this long-standing company and how they’ve been able to make such reliable shoes for such a long period.

The History of New Balance Sneakers

New Balance started with humble beginnings as a provider of simple orthotic products.

It has since become a staple in the footwear world and has been worn not just by athletes but also by former president Barack Obama and the late former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

  • 1906 - At the turn of the century, an English immigrant named William J. Riley founded the New Balance Arch Support Company in Boston, Massachusetts. He created the company with the focus of manufacturing specialized arch supports and orthopedic footwear.
  • 1936 - Salesman Arthur Hall becomes a partner in the company and prioritizes selling arch support products to people who spend all day on their feet. This includes people who work in retail, as firefighters, police officers, and factory workers.
  • 1938 - Riley designs New Balance’s first-ever running shoe for the Boston Brown Bag Harriers, a running club based in the city. The shoes feature a crepe sole made with kangaroo leather.
  • 1941 - New Balance expands its product range and offers specialized footwear for various sports, including tennis, boxing and baseball.
  • 1960 - The company launches the Trackster, the first running shoe ever sold in different width fittings. The running community well receives it.
  • 1976 - New Balance launches their 320 shoe, which is the first product to feature their famous ‘N’ logo. The company also uses model numbers instead of names to see that each model is made equal but for different purposes. The number indicates the type of shoe, the activity it’s best suited for, and what function it was built for (i.e. speed, comfort, stability).
  • 1980 - The company launches their ‘620’ model, the lightest and most advanced running shoe available at the time. It’s also the first shoe to break the $50 retail price barrier.
  • 1994 - New Balance launches their M1400 shoes, which was delayed but a hit nonetheless. It has continued to remain as one of the longest-selling New Balance models.
  • 2009 - The sneaker giant decides to break their “Endorsed By No One” tradition and starts allowing professional athletes to endorse the brand. This includes the likes of NBA star Matt Bonner and baseball player Miguel Cabrera.
  • 2018 - New Balance collaborates with Marvel to release the Marvel X New Balance 574 Sport and 990v4 to honour Marvel’s film, Black Panther.

New Balance has always relied on innovation throughout its century-long existence to make shoes that focus on comfort. Their dedication provides orthotic solutions to individuals most prone to foot troubles and has established them as one of the most reliable brands that support foot health: that’s why they’re so often recommended for those looking for orthotic solutions.

Why New Balance Works So Well With Orthotic Solutions

New Balance shoes are naturally comfortable shoes for men and women because they’re built for ergonomics first and design second.

Podiatrists recommend them more than any other brand when men and women seek orthotic solutions. The company manufactures numerous models designed to suit different foot problems for both men and women, and they’re built to support custom-fitted orthotics.

Men’s and Women’s Orthotic Shoes: Orthotic Solutions Found in New Balance Shoes

  • Cushioning Foam - Many people have flat feet, while others have arches that are too high. Abnormal arching makes the foot less effective at shock absorption and less resilient to impact forces.
    • Adequate cushioning is a must-have for people with high or low arches, and New Balance sneakers tend to feature more cushioning than other brands.
  • Wide Range of Ergonomic Designs - As was mentioned above, New Balance has emphasized the functionality of their sneakers, not just their fashion sense.
    • They design a wide range of shoes that focus on ergonomic factors such as foot control, stability, neutral foot movement and speed performance. This differs from most brands that are focused more on design only, giving New Balance an edge when it comes to providing options for people with orthotic needs.
  • Deeper & Wider Toe Boxes - New Balance tends to design shoes with deeper and wider toe boxes. This isn’t merely a design feature - it’s an intentional move that makes their shoes compatible with a wider variety of orthotic insoles.
    • While many companies reduce the size of the toe box in their sneakers, New Balance provides more room so that it’s easier to fit orthotics in them. This is also a welcome feature for people with wider feet.

New Balance Doesn’t Abandon Design for Comfort.

In addition to making comfortable shoes for men and women, New Balance also updated and expanded their designs over the years. They’ve also incorporated trendier design patterns throughout the years as well.

For example, take a look at this more “classic design” from the 1970s:

new balance colours with custom made orthotics

Then look at these more modern New Balance sneakers from 2019, which is a design collaboration from NBA Champion Kawhi Leonard:

new balance orthotic friendly

The classic look is what the sneaker giant has become synonymous with, but they’ve taken cues to update their designs for a younger generation. Even as they continue to produce their classically shaped models, they’re still updating them with new colour combinations and trims, such as what can be seen in their 327 models (pictured below).

new balance orthotic support canada

Here at Orthotics Direct, we offer New Balance shoe models that are orthotic-friendly, including:

New Balance is the Ultimate Choice for Comfortable Shoes for Women and Men

Since infancy, New Balance emphasized ergonomics and foot comfort. That’s why producing comfortable shoes for men and women is etched into their DNA. They create shoes designed to fit individuals with various foot shapes and foot conditions, and they’re built with extra room to support orthotic solutions.

So if you’re looking for a shoe that helps you walk and perform better, consider getting a pair of New Balance sneakers. You’ll find more options to fit your foot among their selection as opposed to others.

Need help finding the right advice on orthotic support? Get in touch with us so we can help you choose the best orthotics for you! 

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