Solving Pain from Head to Toe with Orthotics

For many looking to get into exercising or getting back into exercising, body pain proves to be a formidable adversary. In many cases, however, aches and pains can be attributed to problems with foot support.

Your feet are what hold up your entire body, and any problems there can lead to issues with posture, aches, and pains all over your body.

We’ll show how lack of cushioning and support can cause pain issues from head to toe and give you the tools to help fight back against pain and discomfort.


Your feet are quite possibly the most critical part of your body when it comes to exercising. As soon as you stand up, your feet are taking the weight of your body onto themselves, and every jump or spring you make involves your feet impacting the ground.

However, it’s easy for things to go wrong at this first step. Everything from foot shape to the order in which the parts of your feet touch the ground can have serious health ramifications.

Let’s start right at the toes. Most of us spread out our weight evenly between the toes when our foot comes down on the ground. This process is known as “pronation.”

However, some people suffer from “overpronation,” where too much pressure is put on the interior toes. This can lead to ankle sprains, shin splints, and heel spurs if left unchecked.

Many shoes sold, known as “stability shoes,” aim to correct overpronation through adjusted cushioning and support. The best solution, however, is to get custom orthotics. This ensures that your gait will be altered even if both your feet overpronate to different degrees.

Pain can also come from a bit further back on the foot. Metatarsalgia is a medical condition characterized by intense burning pain on the ball of the foot. Putting too much pressure on the bones in this part of the foot can lead to this severe pain. This could be because of bad landings of jumps or even from wearing high heels.

If you have this kind of pain, get some rest as soon as possible! Before you start getting active again, you need to look at your shoes. You need to make sure they’re not too tight or too loose. You also want a shoe that provides ample cushioning and support for the ball of your feet.

If this is difficult to find, there are plenty of orthotics designed to help with just this.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is caused by inflammation and strain in the ligaments in the heel in the feet. As it progresses, the pain can be severe all across the foot. This can be caused by excess body weight, poor posture, or simply shoes that aren’t giving enough cushioning and support.

Stretches and massage are suitable treatments for this type of pain. The most permanent solution is to get a better arch solution in your shoes. Better yet, you can acquire custom orthotics that will give better cushioning and support for your arches and help reduce this kind of ligament pain.


The human body is a wonderfully complex machine. Your feet, ankles, and knees are all interconnected by your muscles. A problem in the feet can quickly turn into severe knee pain.

When it comes to the knees, it’s best to consult a doctor to diagnose the pain’s exact cause. This kind of discomfort can come from many different sources, and a medical professional is your best bet for finding the cause.

Your doctor very well may recommend orthotics to help with knee pain. If the feet and knees are out of alignment, this can cause issues with gait.

With certain types of foot shapes, the ankles and the rest of the feet can be out of alignment, which also puts excess stress on your knees. Rest and the application of ice can help reduce this, but proper orthotics can relieve this pain from returning in the future.

Hip and Back

Problems with the feet can extend up to the hips and lower back as well. The gait and overpronation issues that can cause pain for your feet and legs can also cause lumbago and hip pain.

Hip and back problems can also be caused by lifting heavy objects with poor posture or due to poor posture in general. Lack of exercise can also be a source of back pain, an increasing concern during the pandemic lockdown.

There are even some more serious diseases, like degenerative disk diseases, that can cause back pain.

Chronic back pain is always a sign to talk to your doctor to rule out the more severe causes, such as diseases. Rest and massages are always suitable methods of lower back pain management.

Trying to target the cause of the back pain is vital to stop it from worsening or returning. If your work involves carrying many heavy objects, you need to make sure you’re lifting correctly.

One way how to manage lower back pain is to get better-fitting shoes with slip-resistant slows. This can help improve issues with gait and posture that are causing lumbago and other problems. Custom orthotics are even more effective, addressing multiple issues at the same time.


Bad posture can cause problems up to the head. There are indications that flat feet can lead to migraines.

All of the problems caused by foot issues result in the tightening of muscles, which leads to pain. Your brain can become “overloaded” by all these signals from the tightening muscles, releasing chemicals that inflame the blood vessels around the brain. This can then cause migraines.

Thankfully, the right orthotics can give you proper arch support, eliminating how flat feet strike the ground. Taking care of your feet can lead to less muscle tightness and pain all over the body.

It’s essential to think about all your body parts as being interconnected. And all of those parts are supported by your feet.

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