How Orthotics Direct Can Support Your Foot Health - Part Two

Last week we introduced you to what Musculoskeletal Pain is and how Orthotics Direct can help.

This week, we are going to take a deeper dive into the types of orthotics we offer. Let's begin!

Everyday Orthotic

Everyday OrthoticOur Everyday Orthotic is an excellent choice for someone who wants a pair of orthotics that they can use in any type of shoe, both athletic and casual. This device provides overall firm, but flexible, support and ultra-comfort. It has added flexibility to help with the transition between shoes.

It provides all-day cushioned comfort and promotes your foot’s natural biomechanics and increases endurance. It features our black ETC top-cover which provides antimicrobial and moisture-wicking benefits, while reducing friction. The best orthotic for everyday activities and normal arch type pain. The orthotic that moves with you.

Wellness Orthotic

Wellness Orthotic

Our Wellness Orthotic is a wonderful choice for someone who is looking for extra cushioning support in their orthotic. It is specifically designed for diabetic, arthritic, and overall sensitive feet. The pressure-relieving cushioning minimizes abrasive friction and cradles your foot to help with effective shock absorption.

The Wellness Orthotic features maximum pressure point cushioning to alleviate any stress that may be put on the foot. It also has a reinforced heel cup to provide foot and ankle support. We use a Plastazote top-cover which is latex free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic to help provide superior support for sensitive skin and feet.

Industrial Orthotic

Industrial Orthotic

Our Industrial Orthotic is a durable solution that works as hard as you do! It is engineered to support dual-density cushioning, plus, it has added motion control, which means that it is equipped to handle all dynamic environments. They were created for people who walk and stand for long periods of time, and fit well in heavy-duty work boots, non-slip shoes, or safety approved footwear.

Our Microcell Puff top-cover provides antimicrobial and moisture-wicking benefits, while the Nyplex bottom covering provides extra cushioning and reduces friction. The all-day comfort and load-bearing technology that you’ve been looking for to give you support and comfort in the toughest conditions.

Dress Orthotic

Dress Orthotic

Our Dress Orthotic was designed to provide you support from an 8am meeting to an 8pm dinner. It features a low profile design and slim silhouette, ideal for those narrow dress shoes. This ultra-lightweight device is less bulky than most conventional orthotics, while still delivering on comfort and stability.

It provides all-day flexible support and adaptive cushioning, while cradling your heel for ultra-stability. Our Micro-Suede top-cover provides a plush anti-slip fit, with our full-length bottom covering reducing any friction.

Control Orthotic

Control Orthotic

Our Control Orthotic, also known in the industry as UCBL, is a controlling device that is typically used most often for children/preteens. However, it can be super helpful for those who suffer with flat feet and associated overpronation. It features the addition of medial and lateral phalanges. This provides additional support and helps to stabilize your foot, while providing pain relief and the correct arch support needed.

It fully encompasses the heel for proper alignment and the full-length bottom covering ensures effective grip and reduces any friction. Our Control Orthotic is the perfect device for anyone looking to stabilize their feet, relieve pain, and most importantly, create arch support to correct and alleviate flat foot pain.

Sport Orthotics

We offer four Sport Orthotics, all of which offer support, comfort, and relief from discomfort or pain.

Sport Active

Active Orthotic

First is our Sport Active Orthotic. It delivers maximum comfort and support, across a wide range of athletic high-impact activities. It is designed with a rigid arch support and maximum cushioning to provide excellent shock absorption, motion control, and stability. It is intended to support long periods of intense activity, while helping to prevent strain and injury.

It features added arch support and a reinforced deep heel cup to support the foot and ankle, while alleviating stress on the foot. Our blue ETC top-cover provides antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties, and the full-length bottom covering ensures there is an effective grip and reduced friction.

Sport Marathon

Marathon Orthotic

Second, we have our Sport Marathon Orthotic. These are designed to be thinner and lighter than our Sport Active, to ensure that you have the support and comfort when running. It was created for distance running, so that you have the necessary support to the forefoot, while also taking up minimal room in your footwear.

They help to align your lower body and absorb impact, while providing cushioning to your foot when running on hard surfaces. Our Sport Marathon Orthotic helps to relieve achilles tendinitis, arch pain and strain, bunions, flat feet, fallen arches and fat pad loss, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and shin splints.

Sport Golf

Golf Orthotic

Next, we have our Sport Golf Orthotic. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual golfer, or a regular, our Golf Orthotic provides additional stability, enhanced support, and pivotal capabilities. These orthotics were designed with performance in mind!

It features a first metatarsal cut out, which allows for a fluid motion throughout your golf swing. It has additional forefoot cushioning and a beveled heel pad for shock absorption and comfort. Our blue Micro suede top-cover provides a plush anti-slip fit, while the full-length bottom covering ensures there is an effective grip and friction is reduced.

Sport Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer Orthotic

Finally, we have our Sport Cross Trainer Orthotic. This multi-sport orthotic is an excellent choice to help control pronation and to provide relief from existing foot conditions, such as Plantar Fasciitis. A stabilizing post is at the back of the foot, along with an extra cushioning pad at the forefoot for enhanced stability, shock absorption, support, and superior comfort. The Sport Cross Trainer is best suited to a full fitting athletic shoe, and offers support for long periods of activity, helping to prevent injury and strain.

What’s Your Perfect Match?

The aches and pains you experience every day can be alleviated with orthotics. By supporting your feet, it allows the orthotics to help correct the abnormalities and problems you are facing. In turn, this will help relieve the pressure on the sore or injured areas. Orthotics Direct is committed to providing you with the best custom-made orthotics and orthotic friendly footwear!

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