Hoka One One: A Great Choice for Orthotic-Friendly Shoes

HOKA’s goal as a brand is to “inspire people to move” by empowering all individuals to have an “always-on” attitude. HOKA running shoes are known for their iconic look of having oversized soles while still providing comfort. These features make them the best option for a wide variety of running and training activities.

History and Origins of this French Shoe Brand

Hoka One One is an athletic shoe company founded in 2009 in Annecy, France, by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. The duo wanted to design a shoe that would let them run downhill faster, so they created a shoe that had more cushion than other running shoes at the time and featured a thick, oversized outsole.

Hoka One One comes from the Maori language phrase, which loosely means “fly over the Earth.” Their shoes gained attention because their designs focused on a “maximalist” style when many other shoe brands were still on the minimalist kick.

Hoka shoes featured over-the-top cushioned soles, which contrasted with the rest of the competition. The shoes were popular among ultramarathon runners because of their increased cushion and stability. However, they quickly became popular among other runners because of their cushioning and lightweight appeal.

Hoka: Comfortable Shoes for Men and Women

Since their first design, HOKA has expanded their line to include shoes to fit almost any lifestyle and foot. Today, Hoka produces many different styles of shoes, whether that be a low-profile or extra cushioning.

Their shoe designers tailor each model to have specific attributes for specific uses. Whether you need a pair for walking, running or hiking, HOKA has the perfect shoe for you.

The American Podiatric Medical Association recognizes the brand, and their shoes hold their Seal of Acceptance for promoting foot health. To attain this, a group of APMA podiatrists must review each product to ensure it can keep the seal of approval.

Why HOKA Works Great with Orthotic Solutions

Many orthopedic professionals recommend HOKA shoes for those experiencing any foot pain in need of orthotic solutions. HOKA’s range of products provides patients with a variety of supportive and cushioned shoes that help them during any activity levels, no matter their foot type or shape.

Their well-known oversized cushioned soles can provide the wearer with a lot of support and enable them to stay on their feet all day, whether that’s for work or play. The design works great for those who suffer from ball-of-foot pain and heel pain like plantar fasciitis. The oversized cushioning on the soles will decrease the pressure under the heel and ball of the foot as you are walking.

The unique shape of the Hoka includes something known as a “rocker sole,” with the front and back of the shoe both curving upward. The rocker soles also help decrease the heel and forefoot pressure and decrease joint motion in the foot, making it an excellent option for people who suffer from foot arthritis and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

But even with all this added cushion, HOKA shoes still manage to be feather-light for their size, even compared to some minimalist shoes.

All in all, HOKA provides quality orthotics shoes for men and women alike. Here are some of our most recommended HOKAs to wear with your orthotic solutions:

Carbon X

The Carbon X is a high-performance shoe that features a carbon fibre plate and a more aggressive rocker sole to provide propulsion. It has been engineered using a variety of foams to deliver a smooth and stable experience.

Arahi 4

The Arahi 4 is designed to be a stability shoe with comfortable support which prioritizes performance during a run. The Arahi 4 is a sleek and low-profile running shoe.

Speedgoat 4

The Speedgoat 4 is named after HOKA athlete Karl “Speedgoat” Meltzer and is part of an award-winning family designed for technical terrain. It features breathable mesh panels, increased midfoot support and a more secure feel, offering protection on any rugged hiking trail.

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