Having Trouble Finding Shoes That Fit? What to Do When You Have Wide Feet

Anyone who has ever tried to wedge their feet into a new pair of shoes only to find them cramped and uncomfortable knows the struggle of having wide feet.

People with feet that are even slightly wider than the norm can easily find themselves frustrated and out of luck when it comes to shopping for shoes for wide feet in a traditional mall or big-box retailers.

It’s not worth the daily discomfort, and potential long-term damage to your feet to stuff them into shoes that don’t fit well.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources out there that can help you learn more about shopping for shoes for wide feet, and why it’s so important to get the right pair to ensure your long-term comfort and safety.

Causes of Wide Feet

While many people with wide feet were just born that way. Some other factors change the width of our feet with time. The older we get, the more our tendons and ligaments stretch out, making our foot longer and wider than it was when we were young.

Other major life events like pregnancy can trigger a similar loosening of the joints which makes feet longer and wider, especially during the second and third trimester.

Concerns Related to Wide Feet

While cramped feet and pinched toes are a common side effect of wearing shoes that are too narrow, the truth is there are much bigger problems that can arise from wearing improper footwear.

A shoe width that’s too narrow can cause painful conditions like bunions, calluses, crossover toe, and hammertoe. All of these foot issues are either caused or exacerbated by cramped shoes.

Finding Shoes that Fit Wide Feet

Finding shoes that fit is key to ensuring the long-term comfort and health of your feet. Doing this might take a bit of work, but once you find a brand or style that works for you, you can throw away all your tight, narrow shoes that cause cramps, pain, and swelling.

Here’s how to find shoes that work for your wide feet.

Measure Your Feet

By measuring your feet, you can see how wide they are, and that way find a pair of shoes in the correct size. If you aren’t able to go into a store and use the traditional foot measuring device, you can easily DIY at home.

Simply use two blank pieces of paper, and trace one foot on each one. Then, measure the widest part of each traced foot, and take the largest number (remember, both feet aren’t always the same size), subtract 1/8”, and use this number to find shoes in the right size.

Look for Wide Fit Shoes

To make things easier on yourself, simply search for wide fit shoes. These stretch shoes for wide feet are often made wider or are made with specific flexible materials that can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of feet.

Find Wide Fit Shoes and Custom Orthotics at Orthotics Direct

If you have foot issues, a combination of wide fit shoes and custom orthotics can provide you with the most comfortable fit.

Custom orthotics can take ongoing issues like bunions or hammer toe into account, and mitigate the effects of a lifetime of cramped, narrow shoes.

At Orthotics Direct, we custom-make orthotics based on your measurements that can fit into any shoe. Before your package ships, we make sure that your orthotics are securely placed in the shoes of your choice, and can even advise on the best-fitting shoes for wide feet.

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