Do Custom Made Orthotics Help Your Golf Game?

Golf requires a high level of flexibility and muscle function in order to prevent injuries and strain over time. There are many parts of the body that come into play when golfing, however, if you’re a golfer you probably know that your feet play one of the most important roles. Your feet can have a significant effect on your performance. When you swing, your foot moves inside the shoe, which reduces the power in your swing. Not to worry, this can be an easy fix! Here is how custom orthotics can improve your golf performance.
Proper footwear and custom orthotics can improve:
  • Club head speed
  • Club angle of approach
  • Club face position
  • Centeredness of contact - that sweet spot!
  • Golf fundamentals


There are two common challenges golfers face - instability and fatigue. Instability caused by inappropriate footwear requires greater effort from your muscles in order to perform. This then leads to fatigue. The greater you are exerting yourself, the more fatigued your muscles become.
Fatigue then leads to less coordination of muscles, therefore affecting your game.

Golf Shoes

It starts with your shoes. The soles to be exact. You want to look for a shoe with a wide base and firm arch support built into them. This helps to provide base support, therefore allowing you to improve and maintain your stability. The less effort you spend balancing will allow you to spend more energy and power on your swing, increasing driving distance, and possibly helping you hit the fairway! Having firm arch support helps tremendously. Not only does it help to walk pain free, it also improves balance and coordination.

Golf Orthotics

Custom made orthotics are designed to anchor the foot and provide support. They place the joints in proper alignment, reducing the stress on the tissues and muscles surrounding them. A pair of custom made orthotics prevents the foot from moving, which then allows you to maximize the power and distance of your swing. It can also help contribute to the accuracy and balance of your swing, as well as:
  • Improved shock absorption
  • Reduce or eliminate painful pressure points.
Golfers need to be able to distribute their weight in order to support their swings properly. If you don’t have the proper support, it can lead to issues such as:
  • Nuromas
  • Lack of mobility
  • Blisters
  • Injuries

2022 Golf Season - Are You Ready?

Most golfers will do almost anything to be at the top of their game. That usually means buying the best clubs, wearing the best outfits, and only using the best golf balls. While all the equipment might help with your confidence, it comes down to the fundamentals to really improve as a golfer.
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