5 Orthotic-Friendly & Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

After more than a year of pandemic lockdowns, the gradual reopening of the world means that events - including formal ones - loom on the horizon. That means it’s time to take out those shiny dress shoes gentlemen. With that said, it’s worth “upping” your shoe game by wearing orthotic friendly shoes to prevent foot pain and discomfort. This post will take a look at the best brands for men in the realm of comfort.


Clarks are cool to look at - they’re simply a must-have for many who want to look and feel suave. Aside from design, though, Clarks are some of the most orthotic-friendly and comfortable dress shoes for men. They typically come with a lot of cushioning (more than usual for a dress shoe). For example, some of their models contain molded orthotic solutions placed over EVA foam and rubber midsoles. They also allow for the insertion of custom orthotics, which is great if you rely on insoles to relieve foot pain.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan has been a leader at producing comfortable dress shoes for men that are also athletic. They’re typically light, sporty and flexible. For example, Cole Haan’s Wingtip Oxford dress shoes feature Grand.ØS technology for superior walkability, and other orthotic solutions such as EVA midsoles and rubber outsoles. That’s the beauty of Cole Haan shoes - they combine classic broguish design with modern orthotic sensibilities for today’s busy man.


Ecco shoes not only look elegant, but they provide superior comfort compared to other brands. They’re one of the most orthotic-friendly and comfortable dress shoes for men thanks to their interior construction. They often feature a leather lining, which makes the inside of the shoe comfortable for the foot. Some Ecco models also have foam-backed insoles that’s also coated with leather. Most Ecco shoes also contain polyurethane cushioning, which is a distinct feature that makes them even more comfy.


One of the qualities that makes Florsheim shoes so appealing is their clean and straightforward design aesthetic. But that’s their second-best trait. When you slip into a pair of Florsheims, you’ll see why they’re considered one of the most comfortable dress shoes for men.

They combine all sorts of orthotic-friendly features such as memory foam footbedding which moulds to your foot shape and removable footbeds that allow you to insert (excuse the pun) custom orthotic insoles. Some of the more comfortable Florsheim shoes feature Flexsole technology that adds flexibility to the shoes so that your feet can more naturally. This also provides shock absorption which safeguards the foot from pain, discomfort and injuries.


Much like Florsheim shoes, Rockports are characteristically straightforward in design and superior in terms of comfort. Some of Rockport models are unique in the sense that they combine dressy leather with sneaker-like midsoles. They may also come with an EVA insole padding or foam midsole for added comfort. You can also find polyurethane midsoles in quite a few Rockport shoes, which is very comfortable for the foot yet remarkably lightweight. Slip into a pair and it won’t surprise you why Rockports are among the most comfortable dress shoes for men to wear.

Dressed to Impress Without it Being a Pain in the Foot

Gentlemen, it’s true what they say - that people will look at your shoes first. As the world slowly re-opens its doors, you’re probably thinking about dressing in a pair of shoes that’ll turn heads.

Of course, you should do so without neglecting the comfort of your feet. Make sure to shop for comfortable dress shoes, ones that are built to keep your feet comfy and that support orthotic solutions such as removable insoles. Pick the right pair and your feet will feel as good as they look.

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