2021’s Best Running Shoes for Orthotic Insoles

The new year is upon us. One of the first things you may do is go for a run. It’s a standard way to shake off the dregs of an old year, start your new year resolution and set a positive tone for the rest of the upcoming year.

As impressive as it feels to go out running, many people end their run feeling defeated because it doesn’t feel as good as they expect. Often, the culprit for this feeling is your shoes.

If you don’t wear orthotic running shoes or use a custom orthotic device, it’s easy for your feet to get sore and worn out before you’ve even hit your stride.

Today, we’ll show you how orthotics can support your feet while you’re running and showcase some of our best available running shoes for orthotic insoles.

How Orthotics Support Runners

If you’re not a frequent runner, it’s easy to overlook your shoes and how they impact your stride. After all, most people assume that the skill of running is more about your technique and fitness level. However, the truth is your shoes also have a lot to do with your success.

A custom orthotic, and in some cases a well-made shoe, can provide a stable base that guides your foot into the correct pronation, limiting excess movement, absorb impact and allow you to run for long periods. These shoes also offer excellent shock protection, guarding the foot against excessive pressure, leading to overuse issues like plantar fasciitis or tendonitis.

Even if you already have plantar fasciitis, running shoes with orthotic support can help you gradually get back to your routine. With the durable cushioning that these shoes provide, it’s a lot easier to keep sore feet caused by plantar fasciitis comfortable and supported.

What to Look for in Orthotic Running Shoes in 2021

Every year, engineers and researchers working for running shoe manufacturers make discoveries and learn more about the materials that keep shoes comfortable, durable, and effective. There are always innovations in this field, making investing in a new pair of shoes every year or so well worth it for people who run often.

In 2021, we’ll see top shoe brands focusing on stability, which helps maintain the foot in a straight position, limiting inward rolling.

Many shoe manufacturers are also finding ways to make their uppers deeper and more comfortable, so an orthotic fits neatly inside. Both of these updates help ensure that you can run in comfort, no matter what issues affect your feet.

Our Top Running Shoes for Orthotic Insoles for 2021

There are many different shoe brands available. However, not all of them are created equal. A casual sneaker will be different from a running shoe engineered to support your feet while in motion. Here are some of the best brands we’ll always have in stock at Orthotics Direct.


Asics is a Japanese company founded in 1953 that quickly grew into a global giant. They make some of the best running shoes on the market today, with a range of must-have features, including moisture management, rearfoot cushioning, and a shock-absorbing outsole.

Gel-Kinsei OG

The Gel-Kinsei OG comes in men’s and women's styles; both inspired by retro early-2000s sneakers. These shoes are very supportive, with a roomy toe box perfect for anyone with foot issues like hammer toe or bunions. The supportive sole, plus the lightly-cushioned heel area, make this an ideal shoe for road or urban running.


If you’re looking for a lighter pair of Asics, the Gel-Kayano shoe is a great bet. Made with an entirely mesh upper, there are flex grooves through the heel that soften heel impact. Asics also makes this shoe with its patented SPACE TRUSSTIC technology, which provides stability while reducing the shoe’s overall weight. It’s a great everyday training shoe for both men and women.


Based in Seattle, Brooks has only ever focused on running shoes, giving it a singular purpose that has made their shoes stand out from the crowd. They were the first company to use EVA foam, an early adopter of technology specifically for runners who overpronate. Since they’re so technologically-savvy, Brooks shoes are great for runners who want a lighter shoe without sacrificing material quality or features.

Levitate 2

This men’s running shoe features Brooks’ signature DNA AMP foam, which only expands upwards, giving it plenty of cushioning without adding tons of additional weight. The upper is light and airy thanks to the specifically-engineered mesh material, but there’s still a supportive heel collar that keeps the heel in place.

Caldera 3

Brooks made the Caldera 3 women’s running shoe for off-roading. The TrailTack rubber outsole clings to the path, while the neutral yet responsive support and medium arch support make it easy to add in your custom orthotics, keeping your feet going for miles.


Hoka is a maximalist shoe brand for those who crave sturdy support while they’re running. Like their huge Meta-Rocker heel, bold colours and bold features, the company has carved out a name for itself among the most significant running shoemakers in the world.

Carbon X

Carbon X is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and is an excellent example of Hoka’s maximalist style. The shoe features their Meta-Rocker heel that keeps the runner propulsive throughout their run, along with a stabilizing carbon fibre plate that runs down the foot and curls under the toes to offer a smooth transition from stride to stride. Hoka also makes the Carbon X out of lightweight and breathable mesh, allowing moisture to escape and keeping the foot comfortable.


Saucony has been a workhorse shoe brand for years. They pride themselves on offering innovative shoes at a reasonable price point. Saucony also uses their proprietary PWRRUN+ cushioning, which is proven to be more consistent than the industry-standard EVA foam. Their shoes are fantastic at providing stability without stiffness, a massive plus for urban runners.

Hurricane ISO 4

Hurricane ISO 4 is an excellent shoe for urban runners who want to keep their feet cushioned without sacrificing stability features. Saucony uses their EVERUN cushioning along with the midsole, while the top is engineered mesh that helps keep feet from overheating on the go.

Liberty ISO 2

The light and springy Liberty ISO 2 is an excellent women’s running shoe that’s ideal for road or track environments. It also features their EVERUN midsole and topsole, with a medial TPU guidance frame that offers plenty of stability without forcing the feet into a new and unnatural position.

Find the Best Shoe Inserts for Running at Orthotics Direct

At Orthotics Direct, we stock all the top brands of running shoes, from Asics and Brooks to Hoka and Saucony. We make the best supportive and comfortable shoes on the market accessible to our customers.

We offer a combined package with a pair of custom orthotics and your favourite pair of shoes to ensure that your shoes fit your shape and your needs. When it comes to orthotic support against foot pain, we build everything to your specifications, and your shoes arrive with the high-quality orthotics already inserted, so you’re ready to get walking or running!

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