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At Orthotics Direct, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality orthotics at affordable prices. That’s why we offer premium orthotics that are guaranteed to fit into our large selection of orthotic friendly footwear. Whether you choose our 3D Scan Custom Orthotics or the Standard Fit option, all of our devices are handcrafted and made from medical quality materials. The entire process is more convenient, more accessible and more affordable.

Save 25% on orthotics when you purchase name brand footwear
Save %25 on orthotics when you purchase name brand footwear

Custom Orthotics $199

Our Custom Orthotic is the product that we have been manufacturing and dispensing to the medical community for 20 years. It is produced from a 3-dimensional positive model of your foot which we create from the scan that you submit. With 2 photos and a video clip, we are able to stitch together a 3D file for fabrication. We use more advanced technology than your healthcare professional to produce the same quality product. An Orthotic Technician and team member will receive and assess your scan and determine the best product type and appropriate accommodations for your device.