How it Works


Step One

Remove shoes. (Thin socks are optional)

You may take your foam impression in either a sitting or standing position.

With your left foot centered over the right side of the box, lower your heel into the foam

When taking your cast from a standing position, you may wish to use a chair for balance and support.


Step Two

Once your heel is set into the foam, push down evenly on your forefoot to ensure an accurate impression of your foot. You may use your hand to push your forefoot into the foam or gently push your foot downward.


Step Three

Lift your foot straight out of the box. Repeat for your other foot.

When you have finished, close the foam impression kit and place it in the shipping box. Attach the included pre-paid shipping label to the outside of the shipping box and drop it into a Canada Post mailbox.

Your custom made orthotic will be manufactured and shipped to you within 5 business days after your foam cast is received.