Frequently Asked Questions

Capturing the Images

How do I download the App?

Download the Orthotics Direct App from your mobile device from Google Play or the Apple App Store

Is it difficult to capture the scan?

It is a very simple process and there are easy-to-follow instructions on the app. We recommend doing it with a friend!

Why does Orthotics Direct require a video unlike others?

In order to make a truly custom product, we need to capture data of the bottom of your foot - not just the sides and top. The video elements are stitched together to make a 3D file for fabrication. This is what makes our product - truly custom.

Why do I need to align my foot with the paper or credit card?

These items are used to calibrate your photos and video, providing us the necessary information to make your devices.

What if I make a mistake on the pictures or the video?

There is a simple “Re-do” button on the app allowing you to “Try Again”. Rest assured our technical team reviews every file and if we need some more data, we will reach out to you.

The Ordering Process

How long does it take to order my orthotics?

The entire process takes no more than 5-6 minutes.

How can I re-order more shoes and orthotics and do I need to make a new scan each time?

Re-ordering is easy. Simply login to your profile, attach your previous scan and shop for new Footwear and Orthotics - you will get insider pricing too!

How long will it take?

Your footwear and/or your custom orthotic will be shipped out to you within 5 days.

Can I track the order?


Can I return my shoes and/or orthotics?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. However, footwear can only be returned if it is unworn and in the original packaging. Please see our Return Policy in the Return and Refund Section for additional information.

Product Information

How do I know whether to order the Custom Product or the Standard Fit Product?

The Standard Fit product is an excellent choice for first time orthotic wearers and people looking for general relief and support.

The Custom Product would be the recommended choice for the person with specific foot conditions and/or the experienced orthotic wearer.

What’s the difference between the Custom and Standard Fit Product?

Our Standard Fit line is made from years of data collection making custom devices and we believe is an excellent starting point for good general support. If ordering the Standard Fit product, you can use our Wizard to enhance the fitting experience letting our team know more about your needs. Each device has a description for reference and pictures to highlight the best shoe compatibilities.

Custom is just that - Custom made for you. We believe that a product made specifically for your foot using our proprietary app, will provide you with ultimate relief, fit and comfort.

How long will my orthotic last?

Depending on the amount of wear, your orthotic is effective for up to a year or more - this varies greatly with use. Most customers take advantage of our repeat discounts and use Orthotics in all of their shoes.

Are there topcover choices?

We use medical quality topcover materials rather than aesthetic topcovers. Our products exhibit moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties along with being hypoallergenic. For this reason, there are limited topcover choices.

Wearing My Orthotics

Will these orthotics help my foot condition such as plantar fasciitis?

Yes. Orthotics play an important role in the management of Plantar Fasciitis and many other conditions affecting the feet, knees and lower back.

Can I start wearing my orthotics right away?

Absolutely! We recommend that you wear your orthotics in gradually, beginning with a wearing period of 1-2 hours and increasing the amount of time worn each day. A more detailed wearing guide will be included in your orthotic package.

Will the orthotics fit into dress shoes?

Our Dress Orthotic is made for a slimmer dress shoe. It has a lower profile and a slimmer fit. Not every shoe is orthotic compatible.

Can I put the orthotic in a shoe that the liner does not come out?

If the liner is not removable, we recommend our slimmer, lower profile orthotic. However, some shoes are simply not orthotic compatible.

Will I have to trim/alter the product?

If you order both footwear and Orthotics - this is what we do best. Your devices in all cases are custom fit to the footwear you selected. - The Perfect Pairing!

If you order the device alone, you may encounter the need to trim your device top covering.

Will my orthotic fit in all of my shoes?

Your orthotic can be moved from shoe to shoe, but depending on the shoe style, it will be more suitable in some shoes than others.

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